*UaS* Clan Site


The Conclave portions of the website have been moved to their own subdomain!

  • The Conclave portions of the site have grown more as time has gone on, and it can get a bit cramped shoving all of it into the main domain.
  • As a result, I made the decision to give these portions their own subdomain. With this, it's both easier for me to maintain, and also provides quicker access for those looking specifically for Conclave info.
  • The links under the Tools menu have been removed, and instead, a single entry pointing to this subdomain is there. If you bookmarked any of the pages, don't worry; it should automatically redirect you!
You can find the new Conclave subdomain here! If there are any issues, please feel free to reach out to an admin, or leave a post on the guestbook.
As always, thank you and take care!

Another page has been added to the Tools section now: Conclave Weekly!

  • This new page is to show weekly stats for the different game modes being hosted
  • It gives some insight into who is playing and how they're doing, and also gives you a leaderboard to check out!
  • Currently it does not show how many rounds were won, because the logs don't provide enough information to determine that in all cases. But it will be added when / if possible!

Thanks as usual for your support, and fight on!

A few small changes have been made:

  • Updated the Server Status page to show 'Last Updated' for applicable servers.
  • Updated the Server Status fetching to be more efficient.
  • Updated NAV bar sub-menu items to be a different color than the main menu item when highlighted.

Take care for now, and stay safe out there!

Been quite a while, but some changes have been made to the site recently!

  • Updated the Server Status page to group server info under tabs. This makes for a less "all in your face at once" approach to it.
  • Added a section for Warframe to the Server Status and Server Info pages
  • Added a section for Discord to the Server Status and Server Info pages
  • Added a Conclave Stats page under the Tools section. This currently contains weapon stats collected from the Warframe servers
  • Accordions (the little tabs you click) were updated to use scroll bars for their content if needed. This is to avoid them blasting lower content down to the depths of the ocean if you open one that contains a lot of info.

Some more changes (specifically related to Warframe server data) will be making their way to the site soon.
As is tradition, we thank you as always for your support, and would like to remind you to have fun!

A few changes have been made to clean up the site and improve the performance a bit:

  • Better error handling for when Steam data is unavailable
  • Guestbook allows for seamless posting without a redirect now
  • Server status table headers have been darkened to distinguish headers from table

As usual, more updates are on the horizon, and your continued support is always appreciated!

The website has gone through a pretty large visual and functional overhaul!
It has been a while since much of it was touched, and we would like to make sure it's kept up to date and functioning properly. As part of that, we decided it could definitely do with a bit of a face-lift as well, and you can see that it's been applied all throughout the site!

Here are some of the key things that have changed:

  • Navbar has been updated to look nicer and be more responsive
  • All web-pages have been optimized to be responsive and load more efficiently
  • All web-pages have been visually updated to follow the general theme of the site
  • The Server Status and Info pages have had the Minecraft server information added to them!
  • The Guestbook has been updated so that it will load more posts as you scroll down, instead of loading everything at once.
  • The Riven search feature (which has been around but unannounced for a while) better displays historical price data

If there's anything you'd like to see added or believe should be updated, please feel free to let us know.
And as always, thank you for your continued support forever and always!

Several more back-end changes have been made to to the site along with a few more adjustments visually.

  • Admin List, Metal Calculator and Server Info pages all show last updated times now
  • Caching system implemented for Steam and Backpack.tf data
  • Fixed missing title for Server Status page
  • Actual Steam group data has been added to Server Info page under Steam tab

More updates will be worked on and implemented within the next couple of weeks.
Stay tuned for what else is to come!

Various changes have come to the site in this most recent update!
Some of these changes are much more obvious than others, but we'll break them down:

  • New logos and background are in place
  • Admin page has been redone
  • Redid the server status page
  • Several back-end changes

As always, if there is anything that you'd like to see added or changed, please feel free to post on the guestbook or add any of our admins on Steam to tell them personally.
Thank you all as always for all of your support, now and throughout all of the years!

It's been a long while since much has been done with the site!
A few changes were made recently, but nothing too major. These changes include:

  • Redid the Metal / Key Calculator layout
  • Added option for custom key prices to Metal / Key Calculator
  • Fixed the Guestbook so that you can post again
  • Fixed the navbar alignment for Chrome

If you guys have anything else you'd like to see changed or added, feel free to post about it on the guestbook or add any of the admins on Steam and tell them directly.
Thank you all for your continued support!

A new stable branch of SourceMod has been released and as such, the issues brought about with yesterday's update have been resolved.

The server should be working as intended, however if any issues persist or are noticed, we ask that you please notify an admin ASAP.

Thank you all for your patience, understanding and continued support.

Due to complications with the recent TF2 update, SourceMod has been disabled on the TF2 server. Once a new snapshot of SourceMod is released, the server will be updated with it and should be operational then. For now, the server will simply have no SourceMod on it.

We apologize for the inconvenience and aim to get this fixed ASAP.

An item in the store has been changed a little bit. The item in question is the Be The Horsemann item, which turns you into the Horsemann. It used to be 325 credits to buy it, but now it is 250 credits. Along with this, it also has a 5 minute cool-down as to when you can buy it again.

Another small edit is the 'Choose Random Class' perk. It is used to change your class to something random while still keeping your previous class' weapons. It used to be 1 credit but due to it not being very useful or anything it is now free.

If you have any other store suggestions or ideas for the server, please just let any admin know!

To those who celebrate it, happy 4th of July! In honor of today, all projectiles in the server are now fireworks! They have a red/white/blue effect on them, have a streaking sound as they are shot / fly, and have an explosion sound when they are destroyed.

We hope you guys enjoy it and have a great day!

Due to several complaints from some players, there have been slight changes to the resizes in the store. The small resize now changes you to 0.7x the normal size as opposed to 0.5x, and the large resize changes you to 1.5x the size as opposed to 2x the size. The reason behind the small resize change is because people saw it as unfair to have very tiny players running around and killing them, which usually forced them to buy a small resize themself. The large resize has been changed simply because players would continuously get stuck in places after buying it.

Along with this, we have also changed it so if you are in a neutral zone, you cannot hurt players who are not in a neutral zone. For example, you can no longer sit outside of the boxing ring area and shoot people who are in there. This is to fix some unfairness in areas like this.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and as usual, are always open to your complaints or ideas. Thank you all!

As stated in the previous news update, some changes have been made to the server / site.

When you are in the server, you can now type !about to be brought to this page to get an overview of the server and how it works. You can directly access this from the website by going to Servers -> Info.

Along with this, some new methods for gaining points have been added to the store. Now, for every twenty (20) normal sized skeletons killed and every five (5) skeleton kings killed, EVERY player currently on gets five (5) points. In addition, the store also has a better system of keeping track of what you have / haven't bought currently, and will (hopefully) alert you when you are buying something you already have (e.g. you buy 2x size then try to buy it again, it won't let you unless you have bought regular size or 0.5x size after).
If this isn't working, please notify an admin ASAP so we can get things fixed!

Lastly, going along with the points from skeleton's killed, there can sometimes be random skeleton uprisings! The server also keeps track of all those skeletons killed, which can be seen on the info page mentioned above.

That is all for now. If you guys have any suggestions or things to report, please report them to any admins. Thank you for playing!

Hello everyone! There have been a couple of updates / changes that I would like to make you all aware of.

First off, the TF2 server store has been re-programmed to change the way the scores are stored and handled; it should be more efficient now. As such, any scores you may have had on the server have been wiped. However, you now start out with 50 score by default as opposed to 0. If you would like to get your old score back, contact Matrix or any other admin and it will be looked into. Along with this, some new features should be added to the store itself pretty soon!

Next, another plugin has been created for the server that alerts clients of a TF2 update if there is one. It also allows for clients to use the !calladmin command, which will send a message to Matrix himself if he is currently connected to the interface. This will most likely be worked on more in the future.

Lastly, a general information page will be added to the site soon that explains all the tips and tricks of the server, such as how to work the store and the spycrab room. Clients will be able to quickly bring up this page by typing !about, or something of that nature when it is created. The page will also be available to view on the site itself from your web browser, of course.

That is all for now. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to go to any of our admins or go to our group and let us know!

As some of you may have noticed, there is a new map on the TF2 server! After a period of time, I decided to learn to map to just whip something up in order to give the server a new feel. Included in this map are a few neutral zones where you do not take damage, and an advanced spycrabbing room that helps provide evidence to thwart spycrab runners. In other news, our third in command Princess Ayaka has been removed from her seat of power and in her place, IsoJay and Gman share the seat of third in command. Congratulations to them!

I updated the guestbook today due to a large amount of spambots posting crap on it. So now, in order to post, you must enter a captcha. I apologize if this is annoying to some, but it is required to keep the guestbook clean and free of spam.

Been a while since I've done anything for the website, since it has been down for a couple of months. As you may have noticed, the navbar is now at the top left of the website as opposed to in the middle. I also added a Server Info page to give information about the servers aside from the Status page. Speaking of which, I also added a list of songs that are in the Teamspeak's playlist under the current playing song on the status page. Lastly, I updated the admins page to be more accurate and, well, up-to-date.

Added a list of admins for the TF2 server to the website, along with links to their profiles in case you need to get into contact with them. It looks pretty bad as I speak, but I'll be fixing it up. Alongside this, I also added the navbar found on the homepage to every page, to make for easy transition from page to page.

Updated the guestbook a tad. It no longer reposts your entry if you refresh the page! But, along with that, there is now no need to refresh anyway; it updates live (or, somewhat). Every 20 seconds, any new posts will be updated and added to the list of previous posts. On top of all the underlying details, it also has a totally revamped style to it. Enjoy!

The *UaS* Site has finally launched! You can find various tools, links, and information throughout this site. It is still in development, so expect it to look pretty bad for now. Future updates will come and will hopefully entail more fun features!