*UaS* Server Information

*UaS* Clan Team Fortress II Trade Server: {uasclan.net:27015}

10460 skeletons have been sent back to the grave and
220 skeleton kings have been dethroned since 5/13/2014

General Server Rules

1. Even though this is a trade server, there is still combat. Once you leave your base, you will more than likely be attacked.

2. If you do not want to be attacked, you can walk into the portal outside the spawnroom door, or go to the middle tower. These are neutral zones and you cannot be injured at all in these areas.

3. We do not mind swearing or X-rated content, but try to keep it to a minimum. There is no need to spray your porn everywhere or curse in every other sentence.

4. If you need to contact someone immediately, you can type !calladmin (OPTIONAL MESSAGE) to send an alert to the owner of the server. However, if he is not connected to the interface this will not work. As such, feel free to contact any other admin on our admin's list.

Tips & Tricks

There are various commands and utilities on the server that can be used to make the game more fun and interesting.
Here are most of the main ones that you will see and use:

!about - This command takes you to this page in-game in order to give you an overview of what the server has to offer.

!slogan (WORD / PHRASE) - This can be used to generate a random slogan for anyone to see by using the Sloganizer website.

!calladmin (OPTIONAL MESSAGE) - This allows for you to directly alert an admin if they are connected to the admin interface (they usually are ~90% of the time)

!rtd - 'Roll the Dice', a plugin that most servers have. It allows you to gain a boost or a defect for a period of time.

!buy / !buymenu / !shop / !store - Opens the store menu (explained more in-depth below)

In addition to commands, the server's map has several perks to it that can be used to aid you in gameplay. Many of them reside within the lower lounge / neutral zone.
You can get to the lower neutral zone by going into the Time Warp portal found within your base.

The server has a plugin that allows for a scoring system to be used to purchase in-game buffs and effects that last until you leave the server.
There are multiple ways to gain / lose points. Here is a list of anything that will change your score:

+10 +5 +3 +2 +1 -1
Find an item Taunt-kill someone, kill 20 normal or 5 king skeletons across the server Headshot someone with the Ambassador, kill a small person Kill someone regularly, destroy an Engineer's building Assist in a kill, every 10 minutes you gain a point Whenever you die

As you can see, there are many ways to gain points, but only one way to lose points.
In order to utilize the shop, you can either type !buy, !buymenu, !shop or !store in chat, or go up to the store desk directly. This can be found in the neutral zone:

In-game store desk

In addition to the store, there is also a boxing arena accessible from the neutral zone.
Of course, the arena room itself is not neutral, and fights can occur in here:

Boxing arena entrance

The final feature that will be shown is the spycrab room.
Like the last two features, this is accessible through the neutral zone room:

Spycrab room entrance

In this room, there is still no damage.
The point of this room is to have spycrabs take place in here. However, it is more advanced than just a simple room.
Here is an overview of how it works:

1. You and someone else want to wager or just spycrab for fun. So, you both go to the room.

2. Whenever either of you spycrabs, it will alert you with a message and a sound, anyone in the room via a message on the screen, and anyone in the server by logging it to their console.

3. Once anyone in the room hits three (3) spycrabs, they are killed and the same alerts are issued out; however, this is also logged to the server for the admin to see.

4. Whoever is the winner can then leave the room and wait 30 seconds for their spycrab counter to reset. Once it resets, anyone in the server and the server log is notified of it resetting.

So, what is the point of this you may ask? The idea behind it is that many people have run away when they lost a spycrab and had to pay up.
As such, spycrabbing in this room allows everyone in the server and the server admin to have more solid proof of someone winning / losing a spycrab.
If the loser runs, then anyone can submit the proof to the admin or SteamRep directly as evidence, and the runner can be marked.

*UaS* Clan Teamspeak 3 Server: {uasclan.net:9987}

Teamspeak Server Guidelines

1. The server is open for anyone to join in on.
2. When you enter the server for the first time, please contact an admin to assist in getting you set up.
3. Please read the rules listed in the 'Entryway' channel.

Discord Server Guidelines

1. The server is currently only open by invite.
2. If you are interested in joining, please reach out to one of our admins for an invite.

Minecraft Server Guidelines

1. The Minecraft servers are hosted in partnership with Grimm Gaming.
2. Anyone who wishes to join the servers should contact an admin to be whitelisted.
3. The game-modes on the servers will rotate periodically.

Warframe Server Info

1. The Warframe servers are open for anyone to join
2. They can be found in-game by either joining on someone that's in them, or being directed to them through match-making.
3. They currently rotate out game-modes and RC enablement depending on usage, thanks to the allocator tool provided by Spiedie.
4. You can meet up and talk with fellow Tenno in the official Conclave discord: https://discord.me/conclave

Steam Group Guidelines

1. The steam group is open for anyone to join.
2. The group is used mainly for posting announcements and keeping everyone up to date on what's going on.

*UaS* Clan Team Fortress II Group

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